Volunteer at Broadway Assistance Center helps those in need by giving free haircuts

Free haircuts for the homeless for eight years

DENVER - Looking your best for a job interview is easy thanks to 7Everyday Hero Christine Howard. Clients at Denver's Broadway Assistance Center say she is a cut above.

"People come here to feel better. They can't afford haircuts in the salon," said Howard.

Howard provides free haircuts at the center.

"People come here at 6:00 in the morning and stand in line, no matter what the temperature is, for haircuts, medical assistance, and food. And if they're out there I can be in here," said Howard.

Howard has been doing this twice a month for nearly eight years.

"The clients love seeing her. I get asked all the time: 'Is Christine going to be here this Friday?' So, they really look forward to having her come down," said Ed Taylor, Executive Director of the Broadway Assistance Center.

The clients are either struggling to make ends meet or are looking for a job.

"We have had people go right out for job interviews. And hopefully that gets them the interview.  Hopefully gets their foot in the door.  Just some self-esteem," said Howard.

As one of the clients put it recently: "It is a help, because haircuts are expensive."

While at the BAC, people can get assistance with food, rent, and utility bills.

"Broadway Assistance Center has been around since 1975 serving Denver's low income and homeless populations," said Taylor.

And the BAC can do that thanks to volunteers like Christine Howard.

"Because in today's world I think we all need to give back.  Where ever God calls I just go," said Howard.

To learn more about the Broadway Assistance Center go to www.denverbac.org

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