Students at Boys and Girls Club get helping hand from volunteer in Brighton

Boys & Girls Club volunteer helps students succeed

BRIGHTON, Colo. - Sometimes just showing someone you care helps build a foundation for success. It happens all the time at area Boys and Girls Clubs.

This week's 7Everyday Hero makes it happen all the time at Brighton's Robert M. Shopneck branch. The club serves hundreds of students ages six to 18.

Each student only pays $2.00 to join. So, the club relies heavily on volunteers like Valerie Escatel.

"It is important, I think, that our kids know that we care for them," said Escatel.

Escatel works full time, yet is always available for the kids. She does whatever is needed to help them succeed.

"The club asks: 'Val, we're going to have a dinner.  Can we get some money for dinner?'  Of course.  'Val, we're having an art show.  Can we do this?' Yes. What do you need I’ll find a way.  'Val, I need 25 turkeys.'  Ok, we'll find 'em," explains Escatel.

"Kids can tell if you really want to be here.  And with Valerie, the kids know she wants to be a part of their lives," said Dan Ruybal, Branch Dir., Robert M. Shopneck branch of the Boys and Girls Club of Metro Denver.

Escatel has been helping kids learn and pay it forward in Brighton for seven years.

"It just feels right.  It feels right.  It's worth it," said Escatel.

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