Residents at Aladdin Assisted Living Center entertained for years by piano playing volunteer

Volunteer chooses entertaining instead of retiring

KEENESBURG, Colo. - Nothing like a favorite song to make you smile.

"It's just the best medicine anybody could have," said 7Everyday Hero Joann Greenfield.

Greenfield is a regular at the Aladdin Assisted Living Center in Keenesburg.

She has been coming here every month for more than ten years to sing, play the piano and share a few fun stories.

"After Wayne started coming with me, I tell you what, he won over all these ladies in nothing flat," Greenfield jokes.

Wayne is her husband, who is an accomplished musician himself. Together the pair entertain the residents. It doesn't take long for those in the crowd to start singing along, and dancing.

"I asked one lady: 'Would you like to sing for us?'  And she said: 'I can't sing.'  And I said 'It doesn't stop us,'" joked Greenfield.

"She is so caring, so giving, and fun," says Shirley Graybill, describing Greenfield. 

Greenfield grew up entertaining.  She was a trick horse rider as a young girl. But her love is to share the joy of music and humorous stories. She claims she and Wayne get more out of the monthly visits than the residents.

"Wayne has Parkinson's but when he picks up that guitar he doesn't tremor at all.  We look forward to this," said Greenfield.

Rather than retire Joann Greenfield gives her time just to brighten the day for others.

"I tell you what, this is one great lady.  She is absolutely awesome," said Graybill. 

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