Park Hill Elementary volunteer helps students succeed during Tuesday Afternoon Club

Volunteers helping students learn for 15 years

DENVER - Schools are full of clubs, but not all of them have students eager to do even more studying.

At Denver's Park Hill Elementary school there is a gathering each week called the Tuesday Afternoon Club.

"It started with Montview Presbyterian Church and they actually still have a big presence in the program," said Julia Fegley, Facilitator of the Tuesday Afternoon Club.

The volunteer tutors for the club are all community members who meet one-on-one with a student every Tuesday after school.

Volunteers, like Kris Travis.

"I'm only 90. I hope to have a few more years," said Travis.

Travis has been helping at the school for 15 years.

"I am a people person.  I love being with people," said Travis.

One of her favorite students is fourth grader Donovin Rice. He is a smart young man who is benefiting from some extra attention.

"She makes me feel confident and successful about my reading and writing.  And she helps me read, write and spell words I don't know," said Rice.

At Park Hill, these tutor relationships last throughout the student's entire time at the school.

The pair forms a bond over time that fosters growth. Of course, it helps when the tutor has a gentle, supportive spirit, like Kris Travis.

"She is always happy and joyful," said Rice.

"I think that she has just such a joyful attitude.  I heard Donovin say 'joyful.'  But it's so true," said Fegley.

Park Hill Elementary is always looking for volunteers. If you are interested, simply call the school at 720-424-4910.

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