Eight-year-old boy encourages other kids to help Hunger Free Colorado through his Kids Club

Young volunteer created club to fight hunger

DENVER - One in six Coloradans experience hunger and many are children. But an eight year old is working to change that. 7Everyday Hero TJ Berry started Kids Club.

It is a simple name for a group with a big purpose. It began when TJ spotted a homeless man.

"He was holding a sign, a cardboard sign, saying: 'Need food so please support.'  So I said I had 50-cents to spare in my backpack," said TJ.

Determined to do more, TJ turned to his friends and classmates to form Kids Club.

"We are lucky we have enough money to get our food. There are some people who don't have enough money to get their food," said TJ.

The goal of Kids Club is to raise money for the non-profit Hunger Free Colorado.

"It really started last summer when they had a garage sale and a lemonade stand and they dropped off the money and we thought how amazing," said Michelle Ray, Hunger Free Colorado.

"We have done neighborhood movie nights, school movie nights, garage sales, lemonade stands and donut stands by the garage sales.  Every $500 feeds 300 people and we have raised $1,764 for Hunger Free Colorado," said TJ.

TJ says it makes him happy to known he and his friends are making a difference in our community. Kids Club has 21 members now. TJ says the key to the club is team work.

To learn more about Hunger Free Colorado go to www.hungerfreecolorado.org

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