Denver City Lax teaches players about the game of lacrosse and life lessons

Coaches help hundreds of kids play lacrosse

DENVER - Denver is home to the 2014 World Lacrosse Championships. But when the hoopla is over, and the international teams head home, one team will still be turning heads. It is a team led by a pair of 7Everyday Heroes.

Dillon Roy, a pro player on the Denver Outlaws lacrosse team and Ben Allison have volunteered for more than six years to coach Denver City Lax.

"Our mission is to provide educational enrichment opportunities to youth in underserved Denver areas," said Allison.

"And they learn about setting goals and accomplishing those goals and sticking to them, being responsible and not getting into trouble," adds Roy.

Though they each have day jobs, they love volunteering to help young players learn more about lacrosse and about life.

"It doesn't feel like work or volunteering.  It just feels like something that's the right thing to do and you just get up and go do it," said Roy.

Roy and Allison have helped introduce lacrosse to more than 1,000 Denver young people, kids who may never had the opportunity to play the game or ever dreamed about college.

"I think it really opens their eyes. And really plants a seed in their head where they start to think of what else is out there," said Roy.

The Denver City LAX players enjoy the group so much they have a saying: "LAX is Life!"

"Coach Ben and Coach Dillon have taught me how to be a better person off and on the lacrosse field," said Robert, age 13.

"Before I played lacrosse I used to get into trouble a lot with kids. Coach Dillon and Coach Ben taught me how to think before I act," said Bleu, age 13.

Denver City LAX has 10 teams. The boys and girls range from first to twelfth grade. The non-profit provides everything the kids need to succeed.

"We provide all the equipment, registration fees, enrichment. Educational opportunities all at no cost to all of our participants," said Allison.

That way the kids focus on being better players and better people.

"Just practice a lot and it comes back to you. Because if you put in good work and effort it comes back to you in the future," said Bleu.

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