68-Year-Old Woman Attacked By Pit Bulls

Good Samaritan Rushes To Save Her Life

A 68-year-old Arvada woman who was attacked by two pit bulls while walking her puppy thought she was going to die, but a Good Samaritan stepped in to save her in the nick of time.

Peg Wymer doesn't have anything against pit bulls.

In fact, she has one.

"He kisses everybody. He's just a friendly pup," said Wyman, about her 5-month-old pit bull, Maverick.

But on their neighborhood walk Sunday, she said two pit bulls running loose spotted them and attacked for no reason.

"They were vicious. I've never seen dogs attack something like that before. And I could tell he was hurt real bad because there was a lot of blood," she said.

Wymer said she threw herself over her puppy to protect him.

That's when John Torres happened to drive by and saw Wymer being dragged down the hill.

"These were big dogs," said Torres. "She was a brave woman. It was amazing the effort she went through to protect that puppy."

He broke off part of a nearby fence and went after the dogs, finally scaring them away after several attempts.

Other passersby also rushed to help.

"If they hadn't helped out, I know Maverick would have been dead and maybe me, too," said Wymer.

The next day, Torres tracked down the dogs to a nearby house and called animal control.

"I'll love him until the day I die," said Wymer. "I mean, he saved our lives. What can you say? He's my hero forever."

Wymer suffered a broken bone in her hand and several bite wounds.

Her puppy, Maverick, underwent 4½ hours of surgery, with 18 puncture wounds on just one leg.

But it could have been much worse.

The attack happened right next to an elementary school.

"It could have been a kid and a puppy. There was one over playing in the nearby playground," said Wymer.

Wymer and Torres said if anything good came out of this, the two vicious dogs are now off the street.

"God puts you in the place that he wants you to be, and I think that's what happened that day," said Torres.

Arvada police said the pit bulls will be quarantined for 10 days to determine whether they have rabies.

Meanwhile, veterinarians said Maverick should be well enough to leave the hospital in a couple of days.

Police said they issued a summons to the pit bulls' owner for harboring dangerous and aggressive dogs and for not having a license.

They said they responded to that same home last fall on a reported dog complaint but couldn't verify the problem, so they only issued a warning at the time.

Even after the attack, Wymer said she doesn't believe bad breeds, only bad owners.

However, she does think the pit bulls that attacked her should be put down.

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