5 ways your cell phone is harming you

We've all seen people turn into hot messes when they're separated from their cell phones -- but did you know the time with your phone is really taking a toll? 

No, your phone can't kill you, but it can hurt you.  Sure you love Candy Crush, but did you know playing it could also crushing your wrist and fingers?  Something called "text claw" can cause soreness and cramping, and exacerbate conditions like tendonitis

You phone my only weigh a few ounces, but that too is taking a toll on the human body. There is a syndrome called i-posture. It happens when you tilt your head forward to use your phone. Apparently, you actually put extra pressure on your spine, causing aches and pains in your shoulder neck or head. 

Feel like your phone was vibrating when it wasn't? Cell phones have been known to cause something called phantom vibration syndrome. This is where you feel like your phone is buzzing when it really isn't. A study reported 9 out of 10 undergrads experience this.

Also the world health organization considers cell phone radiation to be possibly carcinogenic. This is a scary thought when you realize chloroform, lead, and the pesticide all fall under the same classification.

And finally if you are a germ-a-phobe, get ready to cringe.  A study found coliform. the same bacteria you find in a bathroom, is all over cell phones!    


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