40,000 Show Up For Free Food

Weld County Farmer Shares Bounty From Platteville Fields

About 40,000 people showed up to a Weld County farm Saturday in the hopes of getting some free food.

But within an hour the food was gone.

"We had originally planned to take everyone by tractor to the fields but due to the overwhelming response we had to allow people to walk or drive themselves," said Dave Miller.

Many families had be to turned away and sheriff's deputies were called in to handle traffic.

The farm had planned to be open all weekend handing out potatoes, onions, beets and carrots, but now organizers said everything has been given away.

Weld County Farmer Shares Bounty From Platteville Fields

This year was good to Joe and Chris Miller, so they've decided to share what's left of their bounty with fellow Coloradans.

"Our potatoes did exceptionally well this year," Joe Miller said. "We have a lot of them left."

Instead of letting the remainder of the crop freeze in the ground, the farm decided to let people come and clean the fields.

Michael Higgins came up with his family from Park Hill to take advantage of the offer.

"Times are really bad," Higgins said. "I tell you I can live on potatoes. I'm not going to worry about meat, but I can live on potatoes."

The Millers told 7NEWS they realized the economy was bad when they started reading stories about hungry people breaking into food banks and churches to steal food.

"There are a lot of needy people out there," Chris Miller said. "The economy is bad, so we decided to open it up and let people come out and pick up some produce while it lasts."

"I can't say anything but take off your hats to them," said Daryl Sullivan, as he packed a bag full of potatoes. "They are truly wonderful people."

The Millers said they wanted people who come out this weekend to bring their children.

"Teach them where potatoes come from -- the ground,” Joe Miller said. “Not a tree, not out of a plastic bag, not out of a greenhouse."

The Higgins family said they will share their bounty with neighbors in Denver.

They say picking the produce was a wonderful experience.

"Happy Thanksgiving," they shouted as they left the farm and headed back to Denver.

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