10 Foods That Make You Look And Feel 10 Years Younger

How to look 10 Years Younger ... By Eating

Sprouts Nutritionist Janet Little revealed her list of 10 foods that make you look and feel younger.

- Glow again with broccoli:  When sleepless nights leave you feeling — or looking — a little blah, reach for this crunchy green. A half-cup serving contains more than two-thirds of your recommended intake of Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that helps protect the immune system. 

- Sip cocoa for your heart:  Another reason to enjoy this tasty treat: It helps to maintain healthy blood vessels, which support healthy circulation and a healthy heart. Opt for antioxidant-rich cocoa beans, which contain twice the amount dark chocolate does without much the added pro-aging fat and sugar.

- Oranges, a wrinkle-free fruit for a wrinkle-free you:  Besides being the most touted way to get your Vitamin C, this juicy fruit is chock-full of skin-firming collagen. Add one to your breakfast.

- Go fish to ward off disease:  Omega-3s can help prevent cancer and quench the fire of inflammation. Fish ranks among the foods highest in the fatty acids, and good options include herring, salmon, halibut, and anchovies. An added perk: those who eat diets high in omega-3 rich foods experience fewer chronic skin conditions.

- Get a boost from flaxseeds and flaxseed oil:  For vegetarians, those who don't like fish, and parents with children who balk at seafood for dinner, flaxseed oil has a different type, but near equal amount of omega-3s. Add a tablespoon to smoothies, or sprinkle ground flaxseeds into cereal, oatmeal, homemade baked goods, or on top of vegetables.

- Clean up with a cup of spinach:  Not only did Popeye grow big and strong, we're willing to bet he was largely disease-free. Dark-colored fruits and veggies — spinach among them — puts vitamin A in our bodies, and helps to keep the digestive system spotless.

- Grow a thick skin with sweet potatoes:  With their deep orange color, these spuds too make an appearance on the list of best foods in which to find vitamin A. Since they also contain mineral copper, which facilitates collagen production, it wards off loose, thin skin.

- Get revved up by eating beans and legumes:  No protein means no energy - your body needs a steady supply of protein to keep your muscles strong. Vegetarians and meat-lovers alike can keep their bodies in tip-top shape with protein-packed beans and legumes. A cup of soybeans packs protein comparable to a four-ounce serving of chicken or steak.

- Chow down on chicken to stay young:  Chicken, again? Don't feel bad about serving this standby — when you put it on the table, you're holding up a stop sign to the aging process. Poultry is high in zinc and selenium, two minerals that balance hormones and promote collagen production. It also defends against free radical damage, which harms cells and accelerates aging.

- Sip green tea for a clean bill of health:  When that morning (and afternoon, and evening) cup of coffee gets boring, consider swapping it for hydrating, metabolism boosting green tea. Aside from its anti-inflammatory properties, studies have shown that the soothing drink has the potential to lower cholesterol, reduce the risk of diabetes and stroke, and stave off dementia. Oh, and did we mention that four cups day can burn off an extra 80 calories? That's a cookie you could be eating.

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