Colorado Avalanche players, coach Patrick Roy react to losing Game 7

DENVER - Colorado Avalanche players and Coach Patrick Roy opened up about the painful 5-4 overtime loss to the Minnesota Wild on Wednesday night.

The loss ended the Avs' Stanley Cup dreams for this season, but Roy said he has mixed feelings.

"There's a side of me that's very disappointed because we could have won that game," Roy said Wednesday night. "But there’s a side of me that's extremely proud of those players. I don't have enough words to say how proud I am of them."

The team went from last in the Western Conference to winning a ninth division title. The Avs won 52 games. But losing an elimination game on home ice is tough to take.

"Maybe in a couple of weeks we'll sit down and look at all the amazing things we accomplished," captain Gabriel Landeskog said. "Right now it's just an empty feeling. What do we do now? You work so hard you expect to do more than this. We had so much planned."

"We made huge strides, coming from second-to-last to the top five and a 50-win season," rookie center Nathan MacKinnon said. "We wanted to make a run here, and we had a chance twice to win the series, once in Game 6 and obviously tonight. It's tough to describe what went on."

The players are already looking ahead to next season.

"We're still young. It's tough to win with as little experience as we have," center Matt Duchene said. "This is a great one to help us go forward here."

"All year we were never satisfied, and certainly we are not going to start tonight," Roy said. "It was a great experience this year. It was fun for me to be part of it, and one thing we are all proud of is to see the Avs back on top. I think that should motivate us to have another good year next year and prepare ourselves really well over the summer."

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