Up against the deadline? Get an extension to file your taxes

NOT TOO LATE: Taxpayers who are not going to make the Monday night deadline to file their federal tax return need not panic. The IRS will give taxpayers until Oct. 15 to file if you ask for an extension by midnight Monday.

EXTENSION TIME: To request the extension, fill out IRS Form 4868, which is available on the IRS website, through most tax preparation software, as well as in public libraries and post offices.

TAX BILL: If you owe income taxes, you must pay them by the Monday deadline. An extension won't help you avoid interest and other fees.

Important links:

- You can file your taxes online by visiting the following link: www.IRS.gov/filing

- Tax forms can be found on the IRS website at the following link: www.irs.gov/Forms-&-Pubs

- You can file for an extension by visiting the following link: www.irs.gov/taxtopics/tc304.html

- List of post officers open late in the Denver area: http://ch7ne.ws/Zrdp0e


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