Tips to back-up your cell phone

How to protect your precious memories

CLEVELAND - With the swipe of a finger you can see your kid's first steps, school concerts, and summer vacations. But just like that, those images can vanish. So, how do you make sure those precious memories are protected?

For as big as Zack Morris’s cell phone was in Saved By the Bell, it could only make calls. Now our phones are way smaller and smarter than ever. But in seconds, it can lose its data.

“Franchesca had decided to get my phone from me in the middle of the night,” said Joshua Mathe.

Franchesca is Mathe’s dog.

“I go looking for my phone and I find a little bit of it over here and a little bit over there," said Mathe.  "And I have that oh no, this isn’t good.”

Mathe lost all the contacts, notes and pictures stored on his cell phone.

“Pictures of my niece, pictures of my nephew, pictures of sister, family, that kind of thing.”

With so much technology around us how do you make sure you're protected?

"You almost have to approach it like an IT director,” said Bruce Williams.

Williams is a data manager at ThunderTech in Cleveland, Ohio.  He says Mathe’s loss could have been minimized.

“You want to get into the routine of regularly backing up,” said Williams.

That’s when you copy your pictures, contacts, and other information and store it somewhere other than your phone.

“Be it your laptop, be it an external hard drive, locally,” said Willams.

So how often should we be backing up?  You can decide on a frequency by how often you update your information. To get in the habit, remember these three things:

1) Take an inventory of your info. “Get an idea of what you want to back up,” said Williams.

2) Using a service to store your data won’t break the bank. “Disk space it’s inexpensive now and it’s going to get more inexpensive over time,” added Williams.

3) Backing up doesn’t have to be time consuming.  Williams suggest doing it at night after you put the kids to bed.

Most importantly, think about protecting those precious family moments captured on your cell now instead of later.

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