Twitter design change features different sized text, Facebook-like header in Friday beta test

DENVER - Twitter's new look showed up randomly on 7NEWS' feed Friday, looking awfully like Facebook's design and splashing differently-sized text and photos all over the place.

Although news that Twitter was testing a new design came out in February, it appears the layout is being tested on a sampling of users. Not all are seeing the changes now.

In February, Mashable wrote that one of their editors' home page was changed and featured "content cards" that looked a whole lot like Pinterest's layout.

The design change shows the same kind of scrolling feed from the original Twitter, not content cards, and the feed appears with some tweets in extra-large text.

At first, we thought the extra-large text tweets corresponded with original tweets - anything retweeted was in small font. Then we thought maybe it corresponded to photos - anything with a photo would have large font. Both assumptions proved wrong when a third font size appeared.

Consistency may not be a main feature for this design, but images are. If Twitter chooses to roll out this look, users may want to replace their header images with a re-sized version so their picture isn't stretched across the top of the page.

A couple hours after seeing the changes, 7NEWS logged in again and found everything had returned to normal.

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