Suggest and vote on names for distant planets in Uwingu's 'Adopt-A-Planet' campaign

The space-funding company Uwingu is giving Earthlings the chance to name and adopt a distant planet.

Uwinga charges $4.99 to fill out a nomination form proposing a name and 99 cents to vote for your favorite name.

Each nominated name that reaches 1,000 votes will allow the winner who has chosen the name to pick which planet they would like to name from Uwingu's "Exoplanet Galactic Baby Book" database.

Right now, the exoplanets now have impersonal technical names such as “HD 222582 b.”

Some of the top suggestions include "Albertus Alauda", "Rakhat", and "Caleo".

Uwingu, which means “sky” in Swahili, launched the naming campaign as a way to educate people about the wonders in the sky.

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