Sony Playstation 4 or Microsoft Xbox One: Which should you choose?

Are you thinking of buying a new video game system?

Before you fork over your hard earned cash, there are some things you need to know about the new Microsoft Xbox and Sony Playstation gaming systems.

How Are They Different?

Microsoft was first to unveil its new console, the Xbox One.

One of the initial complaints about the system is it must be connected to the Internet at least once every 24 hours in order to play games.

The system will also collect data about the games you play and the movies you watch, then send it back to Microsoft.

Some opponents of such data-mining tactics may decide to go with the Playstation 4, which will not harvest information the way its competitor will, according to information released during the Sony press conference at the recent E3 convention.

Sony also announced that gamers will be able to play games on the PS4 while it is offline.

Another difference between the two systems has to do with the actual ownership of the games you play.

When you purchase a game for the Xbox One, Microsoft will provide you with a license, which means you will not own the actual game. This is important because it means the system comes with ambiguous, restrictive guidelines on how gamers will be able to purchase, sell and loan games.

Sony officials announced that consumers will maintain traditional ownership of PS4 games. The tech company also announced at the recent E3 convention that the Playstation 4 will have no restrictions on buying and selling used games.

PlayStation 4 will also be region-free, unlike the Xbox One, meaning owners of the Sony system will be able to play games outside the country in which they were purchased.

How Much Will They Cost?

Both companies finally revealed prices: The Xbox One will be sold for $499, while the PlayStation 4 will cost $399.

While the Sony system will be $100 less expensive, the newest Xbox comes with extra bells and whistles that will make its nearly $500 price tag slightly more appealing.

The Xbox One is an all-in-one entertainment system capable of seamlessly switching between games, cable, Internet and Skype. It will also come bundled with the $110 Kinect. It’s also been reported that Microsoft will offer other media exclusives as a way to win over would-be PS4 owners.

With that being said, some analysts have found that the PS4 will have more raw graphical power.

One thing, though, that both systems have in common: They will not be backwards compatible, for now, with games from older systems.

The battle for video game supremacy will begin this fall.

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