Skype Translator could break language barriers; delivers near-real-time cross-lingual communication

A new initiative from Microsoft and Skype could help break down language barriers.

According to Microsoft, people log nearly 2 billion minutes of conversation a day on Skype. But just imagine how much higher that number would be if we could talk to anyone anywhere in the world regardless of language.

That's where Skype Translator comes in. 

Skype and the team from Microsoft Translator are pairing up to develop this special program.

Skype Translator would show near real-time audio translations combining Skype voice and messaging technologies. So, if you were speaking English to someone who only spoke German, Skype Translator would show what you're saying in real-time in German to the other user. 

Microsoft notes that developers are in the early days of this technology, but the vision for a universal translator is not far off.

They are hoping Skype Translator will allow people all over the world to make meaningful connections in ways we never could before.

Skype Translator will be available as a Windows 8 beta app before the end of 2014. To read more about it, go HERE.

Watch the translator in action below:

Microsoft Product Video:

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