Oil and gas companies urged to clean, reuse fracking waste; process expensive and not required

Cleaning technology exists, but is expensive

DENVER - Colorado officials are urging oil and gas companies to clean and reuse liquid fracking waste, but the process is expensive and not required by law.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is asking companies to clean and reuse the waste water or to purify it for other uses, the Denver Post (http://ch7ne.ws/YGUG6d) reports.

If the waste product were cleaned, the water could be made safe enough for drinking water or water to irrigate crops, or it could be reused by the oil and gas companies to reduce the amount of fresh water they use in the fracking process, according to the newspaper.

There are no laws in Colorado requiring companies to reuse the waste, the newspaper reports.

The process for cleaning waste is about three times as expensive as buying fresh water for drilling, and state regulations do not require companies to purchase the cleaning technology, according to the newspaper.

Other states like Wyoming purify the waste so it can be put back into rivers and eventually fill reservoirs for drinking water, the newspaper reports.

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