Eyes on Facebook as company evolves with unveiling of 'Home' product

NEW YORK - Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the company's new Android-based smartphone software, called "Facebook Home."

"Today, we are finally going to talk about that Facebook phone," Zuckerberg said during an event at his company's Menlo Park, Calif., headquarters. "And how you can turn your Android phone into a great social device."

Zuckerberg says users can have an experience on Android phones that they can't have on other platforms. The new product is a family of apps designed around people's Facebook connections.

To support the new software, HTC CEO Peter Chou announced a new phone, the HTC First, which will be the first mobile device to come with the software as a default. The phone will be supported exclusively on the AT&T LTE network.

The phone, in four colors, will be available April 12 for $99.99. Pre-orders for the HTC First are available today.

Facebook Home will also will be available for download on a handful of other Android devices that have Jellybean -- Android's latest operating system -- in about a week, Zuckerberg said. The company will release an updated version of Home once every month.

There was no talk during the event of bringing the new software come to Apple's iPhone or iPad.

The "Home" software starts with the Cover Feed, which has your Facebook profile picture on it, and in the background pulls content from your Facebook News Feed. Users can navigate through updates by swiping across one at a time, double tapping to "Like" something or clicking on the comment icon to post a comment.

From Cover Feed, users can tap a notification to bring them into the Facebook app itself.

"We all want to talk to people, not apps," Zuckerberg said. "Cover Feed aims to show you the most important thing. Notifications makes sure you don't miss the most critical things."

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