Denver company Gamma 2 Robotics makes security robot

DENVER - There is no glowing red eye or injured cop inside, but a Denver company says their new security robot can patrol all kinds of buildings without supervision.

Gamma 2 Robotics says the autonomous robot has planning and learning capabilities and does not need a remote control.

It can even work with existing systems including smoke detectors and verbal sensors.

"These are all designed to help a security team to be able to detect a potential incident more quickly and effectively because they have more information when they respond," said Jim Gunderson, founder of Gamma 2 Robotics.

It is also designed to help companies dealing with a shrinking budget for security.

"The Vigilant MCP will work 10-16 hours a day every day, providing a minimum of 3600 hours of security annually," the website states.

Gamma 2 Robotics says the Vigilant MCP is dependable -- and affordable.

"Thousands of hours of testing and off-the-shelf technology combine to make a robot that is reliable," according to the website.

The company is marketing the security robot to data centers, high-end retail stores, empty buildings, warehouses and convention centers.

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