Colorado astronaut Steve Swanson to conduct spacewalk to repair International Space Station computer

DENVER - NASA astronaut, Steve Swanson, of Steamboat Springs, will conduct a spacewalk Wednesday morning to help repair the International Space Station.

The venture will take place at approximately 7:20 a.m. MST. Watch it live on NASA TV:

Swanson will be joined by fellow astronaut Rick Mastracchio. The purpose of the walk is to repair a problematic backup computer on the ISS.

Both men have completed several of these maneuvers outside of the space station on previous missions.

In an exclusive interview at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Swanson told 7NEWS reporter Marc Stewart he can handle anything 200 miles above the earth.

"Luckily I've done them before, so now I'm just building up on that other training we've had before.  And so I feel I can go out and probably do any spacewalk they give me. They just give the specific information I need to know, for the spacewalk, I study it and I can go out and do it," said Swanson.

NASA believes it has determined the cause of leaks in their space suits that caused water to form during similar exercises last summer.

The repair is expected to last an estimated three hours.

Swanson graduated from Steamboat Springs High School and earned his bachelor of science degree in engineering physics from the University of Colorado.

He went on to complete a master of applied science in computer systems from Florida Atlantic University and a doctorate in computer science from Texas A&M University.

Watch live video of ISS operations below courtesy of NASA TV:

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