No Free Cars From Greeley Dealership

Weld County Garage Wins Rain Bet

More than two dozen people prayed for rain in Greeley on Monday but didn't get as much as they'd hoped.

Weld County Garage, a GMC, Pontiac, and Buick dealership, offered to refund the purchase price for new and used vehicles bought between May 13 and May 16 if it rained on Memorial Day.

A sprinkle at 3 a.m. would not count. The rules stated it had to rain at least one inch on Memorial Day, between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.

It did rain Monday, but the official rainfall total was 0.43 inches -- or less than half of what was needed for the free car deal.

May is typically Greeley's wettest, cloudiest month of the year, but the town of Greeley didn't get 1 inch of rain in all 2008, so it was a pretty decent wager on the dealership's behalf.

Weld County Garage is a General Motors franchise dealership founded in 1908. "The Garage" is located at the northwest corner of Highway 34 and 47th Avenue.

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