Facebook settlement raises questions about internet privacy

Class action suit settlement announced

Facebook recently settled a class action lawsuit for $20 million and some users are now eligible for a payout.

The settlement is over Facebook's use of user profile photos in advertisements without the users' permission. 125 million users are now reportedly eligible for a $10 payout and are being notified through email.

Denver resident Jason Scott is among those who got the email and said he tries to keep his guard up when he's online.

"I think we have just grown to accept that we are monitored at all times," Scott said.

The settlement is raising questions about privacy. 7NEWS checked and found the laws that govern internet privacy were written in 1986.  It's one of the reasons experts say people should be careful about what they choose to share on social media and the internet.

"Assume that anything you put online is fair game for anybody," said Brad Friedman, President of The Friedman Group, a Denver based social media marketing company.

Friedman said more companies are turning to social media websites like Facebook to connect with customers and advertise.

"As we know in almost anything, it takes government a while to move," said Friedman. "Some of the laws are behind and they haven't updated laws as quickly as they should have to help avoid something like this."

Users eligible for the settlement must file a claim by May 2, 2013. Check your email and junk mail file for an email last month from legalnotice@facebookmail.com for full details.

If you'd like to make a claim, you can do so at this site: http://www.fraleyfacebooksettlement.com/claim  You'll need the settlement number that was in the email you received. It was sent to all U.S. Facebook users but many may have dismissed it as spam and trashed it.

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