9 gadgets that may soon be obsolete

Don't Waste Your Money

Technological developments in recent years have made some once popular items almost obsolete. 

Do you still watch movies on VHS tapes? That's just one device, according to a new report, that you no longer need in your home. 

Do you have a point and shoot camera, and also a smartphone? You really don't need both. 

DealNews.com has just listed a number of devices it says you soon may no longer need, and could become obsolete in the next 10 years. 

It's list includes: 

- Stand alone GPS unit....if you have a smartphone. 

- A DVD player....now that we stream movies. 

- A Blu Ray player....see DVD, above.

- Flash Drives...thanks to the Cloud.

- MP3 players....since smartphones play music.

- Desktop Computers...as a laptop does it all now.

- Home Camcorders....again, a victim of  smartphones.

- Alarm Clocks...again, soon to be replaced by your phone or tablet. 

None of these items will disappear anytime soon, and a lot of people still like to have a separate GPS unit, as a Garmin or Tom Tom does not use up your monthly smartphone data. 

But DealNews says if your phone already does it, then buying an extra gadget may be a case of don't waste your money. 


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