Debbie's Deals: How to find discounted spay and neuter services for puppies, dogs, kittens and cats

Do you have a cat or dog that needs to be spayed or neutered, but can't afford it?

Here are some discount options:

-- Denver Dumb Friends League offers discount mobile clinics that travel to Aurora, Denver, Westminster, Thornton, Lakewood, Englewood and other metro area cities. At the clinic, cat spay/neuter surgeries are $10, including age-appropriate vaccinations (rabies and distemper vaccines). There are no special qualifications to qualify for the $10 cat surgery. The mobile clinics also offer spray/neuter services for dogs for $50. However, owners must be low-income and qualify for the discount dog services. Proof of income can be a Quest or EBT card, paycheck stub (showing income of no more than $769 per paycheck), income-tax return form (showing income of no more than $40,000 per year), financial aid award notice, unemployment check stub (with current date), Medicaid card, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) ID or letter, FDPIR or WIC. Learn more and get schedules:

-- The group Spay2Day offers spay/neuter clinics around the state. The latest are in San Luis and Burlington. Cats are $40. Dogs are $70 (up to 70 lbs.). Learn more:

-- -- Every Creature Counts in Fort Lupton offers a clinic with low-cost, spay and neuter services. Cats are $20 to be neutered and $25 for spay. Dogs are $40 for both spay and neuter surgery (up to 50 lbs., over 50 lbs is more). Learn more:  Thanks to Lindsey for this tip!

-- Foothills Animal Shelter, Golden, charges $40 to spay or neuter a cat. Dogs are $65 for neuter surgery, $75 for spay. Details:

-- The Pet Aid Animal Hospital in Denver offers spay and neuter services. Low income residents are eligible for 15 to 25 percent discounts. However, I was unable to reach anyone to ask about fees.

-- Max Fund Wellness Clinic in Denver charges $52 to spay a cat, $35 to neuter a cat. They charge $62 to a neuter a dog (up to 50 lbs, $1 for each additional pound) and $77 to spay a dog (again, up to 50 lbs., $1 for each addition pound.) Those fees includes surgery, anesthesia and some medications. It does not cover any additional expenses like blood work for older animals.

-- The Longmont Humane Society neuters cat for $70 and spays cats for $80. They neuter dogs for $110 and spays dogs for $135. More info:

-- Boulder Valley Humane Society offers spay and neuter services. However, cats are $50-$75 and dogs are $125-$295. There are discounts available for low income residents living in Boulder or Broomfield counties. Details:

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