Debbie's Deals: How to find discounted spay and neuter services for puppies, dogs, kittens and cats

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Do you have a cat or dog that needs to be spayed or neutered, but can't afford it?

Here are some discount options:

Dumb Friends League, around the metro area

The Dumb Friends League offers discount mobile clinics that travel to Aurora, Denver, Westminster, Thornton, Lakewood, Englewood and other metro area cities. At the clinic, cat spay/neuter surgeries are free, including age-appropriate vaccinations (rabies and distemper vaccines). There are no special qualifications to qualify for the free cat spay/neuter surgery.

The mobile clinics also offer spray/neuter services for dogs for $50. However, owners must be low-income and qualify for the discount dog services. Proof of income can be a Quest or EBT card, paycheck stub (showing income of no more than $769 per paycheck), income-tax return form (showing income of no more than $40,000 per year), financial aid award notice, unemployment check stub (with current date), Medicaid card, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) ID or letter, FDPIR or WIC. Learn more and get schedules on the DDFL's website.

Spay2Day, Lakewood

The group Spay2Day offers spay/neuter services in Lakewood. Cats are $40. Dogs are $75 (up to 60 lbs.). $85-$125 for dogs over 60 lbs. Learn more on Spay2Day's website.

Every Creature Counts, Ft. Lupton

Every Creature Counts offers a clinic with low-cost, spay and neuter services. Cats are $25 to be neutered and $30 for spay. Dogs are $50 for both spay and neuter surgery (up to 50 lbs., over 50 lbs is more). Learn more on their website. Thanks to Lindsey for this tip!

Denkai Animal Sanctuary, Eaton

Denkai offers a spay and neuter clinic. Cats are $25 for neuter services and $40 for spay. Dogs are $55 (up to 65 lbs), $70 (over 65 lbs) for neuter. Spay services for a dog are $60 (up to 65 lbs.) and $90 (over 65 lbs.). Thanks to Katie for this tip.

The Feline Fix, for pets and feral cats, Denver

The Feline Fix offers a spay and neuter clinic for cats on Thursdays and Saturdays and the 2nd and 3rd Tuesdays.  (Tuesday clinics are for pet cats only.) Feral cat fees are $20 for spay or neuter (rabies and distemper vaccines & eartip included). Pet cats are $45 for spay or neuter, plus $10 for rabies and $10 for the distemper shot. Thanks to Sherrie and Tammi for this tip.

Planned Pethood Plus, Denver

Planned Pethood offers cat neuters for $30 and cat spays for $40. Dog neuters start at $60-$80 and spays are $70-$90. Thanks to Julie for this tip.

Foothills Animal Shelter, Golden

Foothills charges $40 to spay or neuter a cat. Dogs are $65 for neuter surgery, $75 for spay. Details on the Foothill's Animal Shelter website.

The Pet Aid Animal Hospital, Denver

The Pet Aid Animal Hospital offers spay and neuter services. Low income residents are eligible for 15 to 25 percent discounts, but the website does not list the specific prices.

Max Fund Wellness Clinic, Denver

Max Fund charges $52 to spay a cat, $35 to neuter a cat. They charge $62 to a neuter a dog (up to 50 lbs, $1 for each additional pound) and $77 to spay a dog (again, up to 50 lbs., $1 for each addition pound.) Those fees includes surgery, anesthesia and some medications. It does not cover any additional expenses like blood work for older animals.

Humane Society of the South Platte Valley, Denver

The HSSPV offers a spay and neuter clinic. Cats are $45 for either service. Dogs are $85 to neuter. Dog are $85-$125 for spay surgery, depending on their size. Thanks to Mark for this tip.

Longmont Humane Society

The Longmont Humane Society neuters cat for $70 and spays cats for $80. They neuter dogs for $110 and spays dogs for $135.

Boulder Valley Humane Society

The Boulder Valley Humane Society offers spay and neuter services. However, cats are $50-$75 and dogs are $125-$295. There are discounts available for low income residents living in Boulder or Broomfield counties.

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