Debbie's Deals: Free fishing in Colorado June 7-8

DENVER - Want to take the kids fishing? Or just go yourself? Colorado Parks and Wildlife is offering free fishing June 7-8 -- meaning you do not need a license to fish those two days.

"Many states allow free fishing during one or two weekends each year in an effort to encourage more people to discover and enjoy one of the most popular of all outdoor activities," according to Colorado Parks & Wildlife.

"With a chance to fish for free, they may see how enjoyable an experience it can be, then maybe they'll decide to buy a license and enjoy it year-round," said Aquatic Section Manager Greg Gerlich.

State officials want to encourage more people to get "hooked" on fishing because fishing contributes over $1.9 billion each year to the state’s economy.

While fishing is free June 7-8, other rules and regulations still apply.

Learn more about the rules, licenses and more on the Colorado Parks & Wildlife website:

Need ideas on where to go? Check out this list of 100 places to take a kid fishing:

If you want to learn how to fly-fish, Orvis is offering free classes on two days in June:

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