Debbie's Deals: Flu shot deals in 2012

Need a flu shot for cheap? The best deal is to check with your doctor to see if you can get it for free with your insurance.

If not, here are some options.

Flu shots are $16.99 at Costco. Shots are available during pharmacy hours. Thanks to Pascal for this tip.

Flu shots are $20 at Guardian Urgent Care.

Rocky Mountain Urgent Care is offering flu shots for $23 (shot) and $28 (Flu mist/nasal vaccine).

Flu shots are $25 at King Soopers. The pharmacist there said about half of the insurance companies he's tried have paid for the flu sots. No appointment necessary.

Safeway is charging $30 for flu shots. If you get a flu shot at Safeway, they'll give you a coupon for 10% off your groceries.

At Walgreens, flu shots are $31.99. The pharmacist said some insurance companies are covering the full cost of a flu shot while others are charging a co-pay. If you get your flu shot at at Walgreens, you'll get 1,500 balance rewards if you're a member of that program.

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