Debbie's Deals: Colorado Avalanche ticket deals for 2013-2014 season

If you want to see the Colorado Avalanche play in the 2013-2014 season, there are several discount deals available.

Note, if you buy online, there is a $6-$7 convenience fee PER ticket.

On family nights, fans get 4 corner balcony tickets, 4 meals and 4 sodas for $99. Family nights are scheduled on Dec. 29, Jan. 4, Jan. 10, March 8, March 14 and March 29.

There's a second 4-pack offer if you're willing to eat at Arby's instead of the Pepsi Center. The Arby's Facebook 4-pack offers 4 corner balcony tickets, 4 roast beef classic sandwiches, 4 small curly fries, 4 small drinks and a $10 Altitude gift card for $99. The Arby's 4-pack is available on Dec. 19, March 2 and March 27.

If you want two tickets, consider the KYGO puck pack. Get 2 lower bowl tickets, 2 sodas or beers and a $10 Altitude gift card for $98.50. Puck packs are available Dec. 10, Dec. 31, Jan. 16, Feb. 28 and March 21.

Keybank guys night out deal is 2 tickets in the corner balcony, 2 sodas or beers and 2 guys night out T-shirts for $59. (This special is cheaper than the puck pack because the seats are not as good.) The guys night out deal is available Dec. 16, Jan. 2, Jan. 21, Feb. 26, March 12 and April 3.

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