What's the best way to color your Easter eggs? Testing the No Spill Egg Coloring Kit

Baskets, bunnies, chocolates and we can't forget the eggs.

You can't have Easter without an Easter egg hunt. So what's the easiest way to color your eggs?

The No Spill Egg Coloring Kit is fighting for that job. But will it work?

We bought the kit at Walmart for $4 and the claim is that you can color your eggs without a single spill. So we gave it a try.

Very simple instructions; you have to of course start with your boiled eggs.

To use the kit, you want your eggs to be warm.

Snap together the base and cover, then add warm water to just above the fill line on the base.

It's kind of hard to see, but it's there.

Then roll an egg into the base and pour out the excess water from side "A".

It's pretty neat because it gives you the exact measurement.

Next you take out the egg and add a coloring tablet and let it dissolve completely.

The instructions also suggest adding a tablespoon of white vinegar to the darker tablets to give it some extra color.

Put your egg through the funnel, rock it back and forth, then put on a glove and let the egg fall out into your hand.

I let the eggs sit for five minutes and it gave good color.

And the longer you let it sit the darker the color.

The only real spill I experienced is a little bit when getting the egg out of the base, so it was very easy to use.

The kit does live up to its claim of making it easy, so I give it a thumbs up. But make sure the base is all the way on the cover or your counters will end up being the only thing that gets dyed.

Although the No Spill Egg Kit was easy, I found cheaper alternatives that worked even better for me.

I bought the Dye Works Egg Coloring Kit for $1 and it gives you more options than just coloring the eggs, you can also decorate them. The kit came with coloring tablets, decorations and an egg dipper.

I used plastic cups that I already had and the process was just as simple. In fact I didn't spill anything at all.

If you don’t want to bother with your own cups, another option is Dudleys Coloring Cups . Again it comes with coloring tablets, an egg dipper and five cups. The cost was still cheaper than the No Spill Egg Kit, $3 at Walmart, and again I didn’t spill anything

So a cheaper alternative with more decorating options and even less of a mess.

It seems like the egg-spert thing to do.

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