Threatening calls claiming to be from the 'Bureau of Investigation' demand money

DENVER - Pages of complaints detail threatening calls from a single number. The caller demands money, but isn't collecting on any debts.

Menka, who asked us not to use her last name, says one of the early-morning phone calls caught her off-guard.

"I picked it up and he goes, 'This is the Bureau of Investigation', and I was like shocked," she said.

The caller demanded money and wanted to speak with her husband. She wisely hung up.

7NEWS Reporter Amanda Kost asked, "But it was not the last phone call?"

"No, it wasn't," she replied. "The phone started ringing immediately after that."

She didn't pick up and her answering machine recorded the message.

"This is Officer Davidson. I've been calling you from state investigation department," the message begins. "Be ready for the consequences. I'm going to arrest you for felony. I'm going to cancel your citizenship."

The caller demands a penalty of over $45,000.

"Be ready for the consequences. Once again, this is Officer Davidson calling in from state investigation department. I'm sending my cop at your doorstep," the message ends.

The call came from a number with a 732 New Jersey area code.

Kost tried to call the number. She was answered with a recorded message saying, "The Magicjack customer you have called is unavailable to take your call."

Magicjack is a web-based phone company. Scammers can potentially use the technology to conceal where they're actually calling from.

It's another reason why you shouldn't share personal information with unsolicited callers.

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