Scam letter promises tickets on Delta airlines

CASTLE ROCK, Colo. - A scam letter tells recipients they have just days to call an 866 number and claim two round-trip airline tickets.

In one example of the letter, provided by the Douglas County Sheriff's Office, the letter was addressed to a Castle Rock resident on Sept. 23 and asked for a reply by Oct. 2. It promises two tickets from Delta Air Lines valid for travel "anywhere in the continental U.S. from any major international airport."

The letter says the tickets are worth $1,2290.

The false nature of the letter is apparent from the very top of the page. Instead of the upward-facing blue and red triangles of Delta's true logo, the scam's letterhead uses a single, downward facing triangle.

Another flaw appears at the bottom of the letter, where it is signed "Dina Kale, Vice President."

Delta has nine executives with titles including the words "vice president," but none of them are named Dina Kale.

Paul Skrbec, spokesman for the real airline, provided 7NEWS this statement about the scam:

"Because Delta is not the source of the fraudulent activity, we cannot speculate on how the customers were selected to receive this misinformation. Delta’s information security team is continuing to monitor the situation."

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