Save money on household cleaners

I know I love to save money, and I really don’t like spending money on household cleaners. So a few years ago I found a recipe online for making your own homemade disinfectant that does not have any harsh chemicals and can save you from spending more money.

This cleaner is great on hands, toys, toilets, kitchen counters, sinks, and just about anything that needs to be cleaned in your household. It’s also great on doorknobs and sink handles when the flu hits home.

The ingredients include disinfecting tea tree oil, which can be found at stores that sell essential oils or online.  Wherever essential oils are sold, you will most likely find tea tree oil. Plus you will need distilled water and Castile soap.

To make it, fill a 16-ounce trigger spray bottle almost to the top with water. Use purified or distilled water for the best results. Add three tablespoons of Castile soap and 20 to 30 drops of tea tree oil to the water. Then just shake it up to mix it all together.

So a store brand antibacterial spray costs about $2.99 and my homemade cleaner cost me less than a dollar. It even smells great, too!

So try this simple recipe out the next time you’re doing some cleaning around the house.

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