Phone spoofing scam uses Platte Valley Medical Center ID to collect personal, financial info

Official calls come only from 303-498-1600

BRIGHTON, Colo. - Platte Valley Medical Center in Brighton says a phone scammer, using the ID of the medical center, is attempting to collect personal and financial information from unsuspecting residents.

"The public needs to know that this is likely a Caller ID Spoofing scam where the caller deliberately falsifies the telephone number and/or name display to trick the calling party into thinking the call is from Platte Valley Medical Center," a statement from the medical center said.  "It does not appear the individuals receiving calls are hospital patients, or have any connection or direct relationship with Platte Valley Medical Center."

If you receive a suspicious phone call from Platte Valley Medical Center prefix 303-498, which does not end in 1600, it is likely a scam. The only "official" calls from medical center come from  303-498-1600.

If you feel you are the victim of this scam, here’s what you should do::

Never give or verify your personal information over the phone unless you know for certain the caller is from Platte Valley Medical Center.

Directly file a claim with the Federal Communications Commission:   1- 888-CALL-FCC 

As an added precaution, Platte Valley Medical Center has already filed a complaint with the Attorney General’s office and has notified Century Link and the FCC.

If you have any questions or are ever in doubt that you are speaking with an authorized hospital employee, please call Platte Valley Medical Center directly at 303-498-1600 or visit the hospital’s website at For more information about Caller ID Spoofing, visit the FCC’s website.  

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