Nine cars that can last 200,000 miles based on new survey

How long do you think a car should last?

Several drivers we spoke with said at least a decade.

"It should last eight to 10 years," Lisa Metzger said. "At least 200 or 300,000."

Don't laugh.

Eric Tull has 130,000 miles on his 1994 Mazda, but he says that's nothing. His Honda Odyssey minivan has even more.

"330,000 miles and it's still the original transmission, original motor, everything," Tull said.

Cars and Trucks that Last Longest

A new survey from the auto data site "" lists the cars and trucks that last longest, based on sales and registrations.

The two longest lasting are pickups -- the Ford F150 and Chevy Silverado -- followed by the Chevy Suburban, but the report says that may be because they are used by workers who fix them up well past their normal life, often on the company dime.

So taking those workhorse trucks out, Consumer Reports Magazine found 9 cars and minivans in the report that tend to last to 200,000 miles without major engine or transmission failure.

They are the:

    -Honda Accord
    -Subaru Legacy
    -Toyota Avalon
    -Honda Odyssey
    -Nissan Maxima
    -Toyota Camry & Avalon
    -Ford Taurus
    -Honda Civic
    -Acura TL
    -Subaru Outback

Consumer Reports notes that they are primarily Japanese brands, and that no German cars are included, possibly due to high repair costs.

With the average car now well over $20,000, drivers say a car that lasts is a very good deal.

As always don't waste your money.


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