Next season's skiing and snowboarding fashion trends: Inside the 2014 SIA Snow Show

More earthy colors, less ultra-brights

It's one of the biggest annual conventions in Denver, but most people have never been inside.

The newest skis and snowboards, gear, clothes and accessories are all on display at the SnowSports Industry Association Snow Show. But it is strictly business-to-business.

Every year SIA's Snow show fills the main exhibit hall of the Colorado Convention center with hundreds of vendors showcasing the technology, toys and trends for the upcoming season. And manufacturers are set to change the style you see on the slopes.

-- Understated style --

Most noticeably, this season's ultra-brights and grays are being replaced with earthy tones and subdued patterns.

Companies known for being edgy, like DC, are shifting to surprisingly subtle shades. Jungle green, slate blue and burnt orange dominate the color palette, mixed with camouflage -inspired prints.

Roxy and Burton both added color-wash patterns in blues and greens that maintain the natural theme. Burton's "Nimbus" pattern looks as soft as clouds. Roxy's faux tie-dye looks like jade waiting to be mined, and is paired with a solid cream coat to tone down the intensity.

Obermeyer has a new line of bright designs for those who want to stand out, but is also adding outerwear in understated shades of orange, blue and cream.

The bright shades that will stick around for another year are hot pink and orange -- so keep an eye out for those colors during end-of-season sales.

-- Sparkle and shine --

Even with the shift to subtlety, there will still be plenty of ways to shine on and off the slopes.

You could pick up some silver Moon Boots, a pair of gold Akinz sunglasses, a metallic coat by Skea or even some chromed-out skis with golden bindings.

For the lady who really wants to bring the bling, there are Swarovski crystal-studded goggles. Powder Gems are designed by a mom in Colorado Springs who only produces a limited quantity of each model -- giving you a less-mainstream look and the satisfaction of shopping local!

If you want to sizzle there's Neff's hamburger print jacket. But you'll look like you have about as much taste as McDonald's.

-- Colorado pride --

Enjoying Colorado isn't for locals only.  Whether you're a native or taking the trip of a lifetime, it's easy to show the love.

Meier skis are crafted from Colorado trees that are specifically chosen for sustainability and forest health. The company uses high alpine aspen that clone quickly and beetle kill pine that increases the wildfire danger. The skis are handmade in Glenwood Springs.

Akinz beanies and head bands come in several styles inspired by the state flag. The beanies are made by hand and their shirts are printed right in their store in Fort Collins. They'll even make a custom beanie just for you.

Show your school pride with a CSU or CU strap band by Goggle Graffiti. (And wear your goggles over a helmet to show your smarts!)

-- Team USA --

Also on display were the uniforms America's skiers and snowboarders will be wearing in competition at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi. In contrast to the Ralph Lauren outfits the athletes will be wearing at the opening ceremony, they're simple and classic.

Burton will be offering a patriotic design to the public, but with a washed-out vintage feel.

Scroll through the photos above for examples.

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