Aurora woman finds fake Facebook profile using her pics, friends

Aurora, Colo. - It's said imitation is the highest form of flattery, but for Amy Aldape, this is far from flattering.

"It just got so out of control.  I was very freaked out by it," Aldape said.

Aldape told 7NEWS she logged onto her Facebook page eight months ago and discovered someone else created a page using her name, photos and even befriending some of her friends.

"Now he's into friends of my friends," Aldape told 7NEWS.

The imposter page showed it looked just like Aldape's real Facebook page. 

"I started getting messages from my friends saying they had received a second request from me," Aldape said.

According to the "scam watch" website, Facecrooks, this is all too common.  It said scammers create fake pages to gain the trust of victim's friends and then exploit them, often asking for money.

"The other day I was notified by my friend that he received a Facebook email from me saying I had won the Illinois lottery, $150,000.  I'm imagining the next step may be him asking for money for plane fare until I get my lottery money," Aldape said.

For Aldape, this was the last straw.  She contacted Facebook and reported the imposter.

"I just would like it to be shutdown," Aldape said.

In 2012, Forbes estimated more than 83-million Facebook profiles were fake.  As for Aldape, she reported the imposter account Wednesday afternoon to Facebook and it has since been removed.

For more information on how to report imposter accounts follow this link:

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