6 things a MegaMillions winner could buy

Ways to spend $316 million at once

We won!

The Scripps Digital office employees pooled our cash together and bought MegaMillions tickets for the Dec. 14 drawing. We won $9.
Instead of splitting up our pennies, we’re reinvesting in hopes of winning the now-larger jackpot. As of Tuesday morning, it was at $586 million and growing.
We did a little wishful-thinking research, and learned if we win Tuesday’s drawing, we would have enough money to:
1. Build a giant rental car facility. According to San Diego International Airport officials, a consolidated rental car center to be fully operational in 2016 will cost $316 million.
2. Buy a basketball team. The Atlanta Hawks showed up on TheRichest.com’s list of least-valuable NBA teams of 2013. It came in at No. 3 for its worth of $316 million. 
3. Fund natural disaster warnings systems in the Philippines. In April, the Filipino government allocated $316 million to improve the country’s measures for climate change adaptation and mitigation in 2014.  Money will be used for early warning equipment and improving map and land use plans, according to ecoseed.com. 
4. Own a (tiny) portion of a cable and Internet provider. This year, Billionaire Richard Branson raked in $316 million because he owned 2 percent of Virgin Media when it was sold to Liberty Global. 
5. Purchase a few pieces of art. In 2011, Sotheby’s in New York had one of its highest-earning days when nearly $316 million in sales took place in a single day. A Blouin News article states that 44 of the 62 lots that sold that night were for more than $1 million. 
6. Acquire a marketing firm. In May, consulting firm Accenture bought Chicago start-up marketing firm Acquity Group for exactly $316 million, according to the Chicago Tribune. 
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