Companies pay $55,691 in minimum wage and overtime back wages to 52 hotel employees

DENVER - Fifty-two temporary employees who worked as hotel housekeepers have been paid a total of $55,691 after a federal investigation.

1750 Welton Street Investors LLC, doing business as the Grand Hyatt Denver, used temporary employees from Xclusive Staffing as room attendants, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. An investigation found the two businesses hadn't paid the employees for the time spent working before or after their scheduled shift.

According to the Department of Labor, the housekeeping employees arrived early to prepare their carts and stayed late to finish cleaning a required number of rooms. That extra time was not recorded or paid.

The investigation also found the employees were not paid for working through meal breaks.

"The hotel and motel industry employs many low-wage workers who, due to a lack of knowledge of the law or an unwillingness to exercise their rights, are vulnerable to disparate treatment and labor violations," the Department of Labor wrote in their announcement about this case.

The Department of Labor explains that 1750 Welton Street Investors LLC is a subsidiary of UBS Realty Investors LLC. Their Grand Hyatt Denver property is managed by Hyatt Corp., headquartered in Chicago.

In addition to paying the back wages, the hotel was assessed a $7,920 civil penalty and Xclusive Staffing was assessed a $3,520 penalty.

Xclusive Staffing Inc. was also found to have violated the Fair Labor Standards Act involving workers at a resort and convention center in Texas, the Department of Labor reports.

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