Beware of Valentine's Day florist tricks

Ordering online doesn't always mean local

Valentine's Day flowers look so lovely. But should you call a local florist, or in this smartphone age, just order online from a chain? 

Unfortunately, ordering online from a place you don't know comes with a lot of risks. 

Local Florist or Not? 

For instance, one top Google search for "Indianapolis Flowers" brings up a list of "local" flower shops, but it turns out many of the stores aren't even in Indiana.

You will find similar "trick" flower shops in every city. If Grandma lives in Boca Raton be extra careful Googling Boca flower shops. 

Beware Handling Fees 

Meantime, the savings website DealNews. com  says beware handling and other fees.  

Deal news says Proflowers 2013 Valentine's Day price is $69 for for a dozen long stem roses. 

But it says Proflowers ads a $21 shipping and handling fee, for a total of $90. It says FTD's dozen will run you $79, plus $19 for shipping and handling, for a total of $99.

Not a "trick," but a charge you may not catch until it's almost time to bill your credit card.  

Deal News says a local florist may be a better and more affordable bet. Their shipping fees are often under $10. 

Beware Photos in Ads 

Finally, Consumer Reports Magazine says beware the trick of flowers not matching the website photo. 

It says get a full description of what flowers will be sent, down to the "baby's breath" or ferns, to make sure it really will be what you intended. 

That way your loved one gets the right flowers, and you don't waste your money.

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