Best, worst things to buy in March

We're entering a new month, the first month of spring. It's a time of year when many people start spending their tax refund. 

But there are some things you may not want to spend it on. 

The money saving website  says March's longer days, combined with tax refunds arriving, mean shoppers start opening up their wallets. 

Unfortunately, March is not a month that's typically known for great deals, unless you are talking about clearance on winter clothing.

Deal News has just released a list of the best and worst things to buy in March.  

What to Buy Now 

Deal News says this is a great time to stock up on cold weather apparel for next Christmas (and you can still use it in most areas the next couple of weeks). 

It's also a good time to buy luggage, since peak luggage buying season was January. 

And this year, it's a great time to buy a Sony Playstation 3: Prices are dropping with the upcoming arrival of the PS4. 

What to Wait On 

However, this is not the best time to buy spring apparel: Deal News says it is typically sold at full price in March. 

It's also not the best time to buy lingerie: June is the best month for that, when Victoria's Secret holds its big annual sale. 

And hold off on buying Kindle Fire apps: Deal news says many will become free in May, when Amazon changes its pricing structure.

Don't Forget Chocolate... 
However, if you have a sweet tooth, keep an eye out for chocolate markdowns right now. Godiva and other chocolate sellers are slashing prices on leftovers from Valentine's Day. 

It may have a heart on it, but good chocolate is even better when it's marked down. 


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