Incorporate your whole family into a workout

Working out alone, is sometimes, well lonely!  A support system can definitely help us maintain our resolve.  Why not incorporate your whole family into the experience with a family workout?  Everyone wins!  Here are some tips for getting started.


1.  Talk together as a group about your general overall fitness goals and what activities everyone enjoys.  It will be easier to create a plan that everyone can live with and enjoy.

2.  Adults need at least 30 min. of activity and kids need 60 min. every day.  Tailor your plan to accommodate those needs. Perhaps a longer warm up time and cool down time for the adults, while the kids continue moving!

3.  Make sure you have all your gear together in one place; then when you get ready to work out, the whole family isn't looking high and low for what's needed.   Although there are LOTS of exercise ideas that require no gear at all!

4. Keep it fresh!  Create several different workout plans and choose a different list each week.  Let each family member take a turn creating a work out.  You can even put them each on a piece of paper and just draw several different exercises out of a bowl each day! 

5.  Once you have an established routine, you may consider hiring a fitness professional to come to you and help you "up your game" and offer some additional guidance and tips for your family workout. There are fitness professionals, such as Mile High Fitness (here in Denver) that will come to YOU!

Bottom line: participating in family workouts will benefit everyone and establish a life time of great habits for your children! Have fun, get fit, and be healthy!

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