Text Warning Of Wal-Mart Gang Initiation A Hoax

A text message warning women about a gang-related initiation at a local Wal-Mart is circulating throughout the country, and has alarmed residents in Colorado.

But authorities say there is no reason for worry and the texts are a hoax.

One of the text reads, "CSPD received a tip about a gang initiation to shoot 3 women tonight @ a Greeley Wal-Mart, so tell every one."

The messages in the texts vary. One version of the text message warns that two women will be shot, while another warns of a woman and child being shot. The location of the gang initiation also varies from Greeley, to Aurora and Denver but none of the texts mention a specific Wal-Mart.

Local law enforcement agencies throughout the country have reported receiving calls about the text message but they do not believe it is a credible threat.

Authorities believe the texts stem from a long-standing Internet urban legend that began as an e-mail in Memphis, Tenn., in July 2005.

For some reason, these texts are spreading like wildfire this week, with reports of the texts going to cell-phones in Delaware, Maryland, Florida, Georgia and Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas and Ohio.

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