Study: Parents Should Embrace Digital Age

MacArthur Study Says Benefits Often Ignored

Parents hear a lot about online stalkers and predators, but a new study says they should embrace the digital age.

The well-respected MacArthur Foundation spent three years following 800 children as part of the Digital Youth Project. The study found that children spend most of their digital time learning and growing, whether it is for homework or social networking.

Students at Highlands Ranch High School told 7NEWS they agree with the study's findings.

Ben Habib believes the digital era and the amount of time students spend with it has gotten a bad rap.

"It's really not true because I spend about 80 percent of my time on the computer trying to get work done," he said.

Habib said his parents were critical of the amount of time he spent on his computer, but now understand that it is a good use of his time.

Still, experts warn that parents need to remain vigilant and remind their kids to know who they are talking to online and not to give out personal information. The study also encourages parents to learn more about technology so they can share in their children's interests.

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