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January 4, 2013
Guest blogger Meryl here, writing about my friend Dinah, because Jeb didn't know her. 
You may remember that Mars wrote about her arrival in our lives when she was the Village Puppy (  She was turned in last May, and the whole Village (Marianne, John, Vanessa, Kevin, Diane and Elizabeth) walked across the stage with her.  Her report cards were excellent and we had high hopes for her to graduate.
Rocket wrote about her participation in Team Training last November and her subsequent release from the Canine Companions program (  CCI placed her as a "change of career dog" with a family in southern California.
Sometimes happy endings are just ….. endings.  We received devastating news yesterday that Dinah was hit by a car and killed.  She was two years old.
I am extremely sad.
Dinah was the only CCI puppy who could outrun me in the backyard - she was FAST.
And she was not a dainty little girly dog, oh my, no. She snored like a grizzly bear, snorted like a frat boy, drooled like a fire hose and played with me like we were equal in size (her 55 pounds to my 110!) 
She turned into a sweet, smart, happy dog, beloved by the Village and her trainers alike. Our sorrow is only equaled by the trainers at the Southwest campus.
Spare a thought for my pal Dinah, and the Denver Village as we mourn her passing.
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