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Chapter 8

Denver - January 18, 2013

Oh my stars and whiskers!  I have such exciting news this week.

So there's this thing on Monday called an Inauguration, which I don't totally understand, but the part I do get is that there's a PARADE. And guess who is marching in the parade?  Here's a hint: blue and yellow and fur. Give up?  132 Canine Companions people (graduates, puppy raisers, board members and staff) and 56 Canine Companion grad dogs and puppies!  WOOF!

And, even better, I know some of the people who will be marching: Jeni Exley, (a puppy raiser from Denver), and Jane & Clark Torell (who raised Proton). I've told them I expect a FULL REPORT when they get back from Washington, which I will share with you, dear readers.

How amazing is that, I ask you?  Pretty darned amazing, I say, especially when you know that 2,800 organizations and groups applied to be in the parade, and only 60 were selected. The theme of the parade is "Our People, Our Future" and will be broadcast worldwide. WOW -- that's a lot of people watching my friends and relations.

Now I don't think you'll have trouble spotting 132 people and 56 dogs (especially the dogs), but just in case, look for humans wearing bright yellow jackets and hats, and dogs in blue or yellow capes. Wave at them, won't you?  We'll be watching and woofing ... er ... waving, from my house.

Chow for now!


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