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Chapter 55

Denver - March 20, 2014

Are you sitting down?  I have three fabulous pieces of news for you today. THREE!

First of all, tomorrow is National Puppy Day. WHOO HOO!  No, seriously, it's a real thing, there's a website ( and everything. Check it out.

I know Marianne must be planning a big party for me and my CCI pals with Frosty Paws and presents and games. I can't wait!  I hope I get a new squeaky toy and a chewie bone and a couple of tennis balls.  I'll even share with Meryl and Mina, our pet dogs who aren't even close to being puppies.

And, even more exciting news: Eukanuba is once again sponsoring a litter of Canine Companions puppies! The pups were born on Tuesday, March 18 to Taya, the same CCI breeder girl who had the Eukanuba-sponsored E litter.  The dad is Zorba.  There are five girls and two boys and this will be the H (for HERO!) litter.

Last, and best of all, you can watch the puppies grow for the next eight weeks! Yup, a live puppy cam will be turned on daily from noon to midnight (PT) at this link:

Don't tell Marianne's boss, but I've caught her looking at it several times and murmuring "Awww!" and "Ohhh!"  I even sneaked a peek myself and I must admit they are adorable. 

Celebrate National Puppy Day with treats and pats for your pups, however old they are, and be sure to watch the puppy cam!

Chow for now!


If you love puppy stories, check out Marianne's book: "Let the Dogs Speak! Puppies in Training tell the Story of Canine Companions for Independence." It's available to order in print and e-book formats from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and independent booksellers.  Marianne is donating her royalties to CCI, so a portion of your purchase goes to the dogs. *Snicker*

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