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Chapter 45

DENVER - December 12, 2013


I woke up from my nap under Marianne’s desk this afternoon and did my usual stretch-and-big-yawn routine.

“Ye gods!” Marianne exclaimed. “What is that SMELL?”

I sniffed. “I don’t smell anything.” I yawned hugely again.

Marianne rapidly backed away from me, fanning the air. “It’s your BREATH!  Dear Dog, what have you been eating?”

I shrugged. “Dog food. Cookies. The usual.” I sniffed again. “I still don’t smell anything.”  I exhaled into my paw and sniffed. “Oh, well maybe.Yeah. A little stinky.”

“A LITTLE stinky? Dead squirrels smell better,” Marianne told me from across the room. “We are brushing your teeth tonight after dinner. Maybe again before bed.”

“Oh, man!” I whined. “I hate getting my teeth brushed.”

“(A) No you don’t, you like the chicken-flavored toothpaste and (B) tough luck. Your breath is disgusting and because you are out in public so much, Canine Companions asks us to pay extra careful attention to grooming.” She paused. “You know, Waffle gets her teeth brushed every single night.”

“Waffle, Waffle, Waffle,” I grumbled. “It’s all about Waffle. Miss Perfect.”

“Very mature,” Marianne observed. “There are other reasons for regular tooth-brushing besides better breath, you know. Important reasons.”

“Like what?” I sighed.

“Preventing tooth loss, infection and gum disease, all of which can cause additional health problems. I just read a great Article in Whole Dog Journal (, as a matter of fact. So, like it or not, we’re going to start brushing your teeth every day, just like –“

“Waffle,” I said, interrupting. “OK, fine, I get it. But maybe we could change things up a bit with a different flavor of toothpaste?”

“Sure, you can try beef, malt, seafood, peanut butter or vanilla mint. We’ll stop at PetSmart on the way home and you can pick something out,” Marianne said.

She's right, I don't really hate getting my teeth brushed, but I like to wind her up sometimes. Plus, a stop at the store means I might get a new squeaky toy!

Chow for now!



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