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Chapter 15

DENVER - March 14, 2013

I'm gonna be on TV tomorrow! Or at least I'm taping an interview - I'll have to let you know when it airs.  And no, it's not even "my" station.
According to Stacy McKenzie, the Technology Education Coordinator for the Jefferson County Public Library and the interviewer, "The show is called “Off the Page” and shows in nine markets around the metro area via the cable channel 8 outlet of Broomfield.  It normally shows about twice a week in most markets (Denver, Aurora, Jefferson County) and shows about 20 times a week in Broomfield. The show will air throughout the month of April and might air in other months as needed for fillers with the networks.  It will also be available online towards the beginning of April."
Spiffy, right?  I'm so honored to be invited.  Oh, I think maybe Marianne is going to talk a little bit about her book, "Let the Dogs Speak! Puppies in Training Tell the Story of Canine Companions for Independence" but most of the interview is going to be about me and, I suppose,  Canine Companions.  I've promised myself that I'll be gracious and let Marianne go first and get her tiny part of the interview out of the way so that Stacy and I can settle in for our chat.
Marianne's fretting about what to wear since she seems to think that my fur sticks to her clothes, and for some reason she considers that to be a problem.  Why should tomorrow be any different, I say. If it's good enough for me, it should be plenty good enough for her. And Stacy.
Sadly, I don't have much choice of what to wear, since Marianne nixed the dragon costume; she says it's too small. I only have one option for a cape (yellow, so not my color) and one collar (Peanuts characters, which I actually like a lot). I think my natural good looks will be enough to carry me,  though I am going to INSIST that Marianne remove the Gentle Leader for the interview. I do NOT need Gentle Leader lines on my face.  (Marianne says that if I wouldn't pull on it and fuss with it, it wouldn't leave lines, but what does she know? You'll notice that SHE doesn't wear one.)
So, wish me luck tomorrow!
Chow for now!
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