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Chapter 30

August 9, 2013

All together now:

Happy Birthday to me! Happy birthday to me!

Happy Birthday dear Jebeeeeeee (hold the note!)

Happy birthday to MEEEEE!  (Applause, cheers, whistles, etc.)

So, in case you hadn't figured it out, today is my FIRST BIRTHDAY!  YAY, ME!  Marianne assures me there will be homemade frozen treats later today and a party of sorts at my Aunties Diane and Elizabeth's house. I overheard her say something about stopping at PetSmart, which I hope means a new toy. Paws crossed.

On this momentous occasion, as I reflect back on my first year as a puppy in training (First trip to the grocery! Adoration from my coworkers!  Learning to walk on a loose leash! Hurrying on command! Keeping all four feet on the ground! Acknowledging that 'stay' is a command, not a suggestion!) I realize how far I've come, but how far I have to go.

I know, I know -- unusually mature and reflective of me, right?  But Marianne received an email today from the American Humane Association about the winners of the Hero Dog Awards, which brought me up short.  I'm special (I am!) but these dogs are SPECIAL in ways I can only hope to become.  Here's the link:

These are truly amazing dogs who have helped humans in service, therapy, law enforcement, search and rescue and military work. Please take a moment to read about Cassidy, Jingles, Lola, Lakota, Carlos, John D, Bronx and Ellie. Whew! Are you as impressed as I am? Makes me proud to be a canine, it does.

So on this auspicious day I wish a Very Happy Birthday to my siblings JD, Jingo, Jayla and Jia: may we all grow up to be spectacular Hero Dogs in our own ways!

Chow for now!



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