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Chapter 48

DENVER - January 29, 2014

So, remember when I interviewed CCI Breeder Girl Ghita? (Here's the link if you want to refresh your memory:

Well, here is the update on her litter that I promised you!

JEB:  Ghita, let’s start with the details first. When were the puppies born and how many are there?

GHITA:  On the X-ray Cath and Jim and the vet saw six puppies for certain, and thought they saw a seventh.  Cath even thought she saw an eighth puppy, but no one else saw it.

JEB:  Wow, that’s a lot of puppies! How many boys and how many girls?

GHITA:   Cath kept saying, ”Another boy!” ”Another boy!” ”Another boy!” and finally the 6th puppy was a girl and then 3 more boys, total 8 boys and 1 girl!  That 9th puppy was a real surprise!  I love keeping everyone guessing.

Jeb:  NINE puppies! Wow. I bet they have kept you busy.

GHITA: Yes, but things are slowing down for me now that the pups are almost six-weeks old; they are all just right around 8 lbs.  They are so beautiful and wonderful!

JEB: Do they look like you or the father?

GHITA:  Four of the puppies are very fluffy and will look like Zorba, their Golden Retriever daddy.  Two are smooth coated like me and three have coats that are kind of in-between.

JEB:  What stage are they at?

GHITA:.  They are transitioning from nursing on me to “weaning formula” (kind of a puppy mush!) and now to regular puppy food that has been soaked in warm water to soften it a bit.  By the end of next week they will be on just regular puppy food.

JEB: I kind of remember that stage; it seems like my mom wasn’t very friendly with us at that point.

GHITA:  They don’t get to see me at first when my milk is drying up and I do miss them!  I am getting to play with them again but I have to wear this silly t-shirt and a pair of shorts (with a cutout for my tail) so that the pups can’t try to nurse on me again, now that all my milk is gone.   Nine sets of sharp puppy teeth gets very uncomfortable when they nurse!

JEB: Um, yeah, I can imagine! Has this litter been different with so many boys? Is the girl kind of spoiled?

GHITA: Cath and I wondered at first if it would be crazy with eight boys and one girl but it really hasn’t been all that different at all.   Yeah, the little girl is just wee bit spoiled, but she is very sweet and mellow like me!  She looks like a darker version of me.

JEB:  Can you tell me their names?

GHITA:  Yes, and I can also tell you the stories behind the names!

  • Red collar is Briggs II and he is named for the prison program that Cath works with at the military Brig.  They do an amazing job raising puppies for CCI and are going to raise one of the pups from this litter.
  • Dark Blue collar is Balter II and is named to honor Simi Balter, Graduate Program Manager at CCI Southwest.
  • Purple collar is Brian V and is named to honor Cath’s first husband that was killed by the drunk driver. 
  • Neon Green collar is named Brogan in memory of a Sheltie friend
  • Neon Pink collar is named Brock III to honor Stu Wahrenbrock, Puppy Program Manager at CCI Southwest.
  • Brown collar is Belle IV in memory of Cory (nicknamed Corybelle) Cath’s 3rd CCI breeder who crossed the Rainbow Bridge last September.  We miss our Corybelle.
  • Light Pink collar is named Beck for all the staff named Becky, Becca and Becki at CCI Southwest. (There are a lot of them!)
  • Turquoise collar is named Bolt III for the San Diego Chargers!!  Cath is a diehard Charger fan!! 
  • Orange collar is named Bojangles because that is Cath’s favorite song and because it honors one of her horses named Bojangles. 

JEB:  Those are great names!  When do they go to their puppy raisers?

GHITA: They will be going out to their puppy raisers on February 4th or 5th.

JEB: What’s next for you?

GHITA:  Cath and Jim are actually taking a short break from puppy raising so that Cath and I can focus on agility. Once we both get back into agility shape I hope to compete in my first trial in May!  It is so much fun to get out and RUN again now that I am getting my girlie figure back. 

JEB:  Marianne says that I might like agility if I decide not to be a CCI graduate dog, but I’m not sure. What do you like best about it?

GHITA:  I love to RUN and I am really athletic.  I love being out on course with Cath.  Sometimes I don’t get it exactly right, but Cath laughs.  More often than not, Cath doesn’t get it right and I run back to her with my tail wagging to tell her I don’t care, that we are just out there to have fun together.  The weave poles were hard to learn but once Cath showed me how to do them with guide wires, I saw how much fun it was to “Weave, weave, weave!” I love them, and tunnels are fun too; you can really get some speed up in them.

JEB:  Thanks for chatting with me. Good luck with your agility trials!  And Dear Readers, be sure to check out the attached slide show of adorable puppy pictures. Also, stay tuned: Next week I am interviewing a puppy raiser who is getting one of Ghita’s pups!

Chow for now!


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